LIFE Dinner Series

SEP 19, 7:00 PM PDT San Francisco, CA

LIFE stands for Longevity Investors, Founders, and Experts, it is a new invite-only dinner series with the objective to connect the top leaders in longevity to inspire new ideas and facilitate impactful progress. Our unstructured dinners allow for casual conversation in hopes of building meaningful connections. Historically, ideas that changed the world were often sparked from a shared meal amongst top thinkers. Our growing epidemic of chronic illnesses coupled with exciting new developments in technology and research lead us to believe there is no better time to foster a space for the best minds in extending human healthspan and lifespan.

  • When: Thursday, September 19th
  • What: A few hours of dinner and drinks with some of the top longevity investors, entrepreneurs, and experts in Silicon Valley
  • Where: San Francisco

Our events are invite-only. Enter your name and email below if you’d like to be considered for our upcoming events.

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