Key Takeaways

  • The business of longevity is growing at a staggering rate, and this is projected to continue
  • The total funding of longevity studies is currently estimated to be between $850 million to $300 billion
  • Seniors are the fastest-growing consumer group worldwide, and their collective spending power is expected to reach USD 15 trillion by 2020. This makes the longevity industry one of the most profitable industries at the moment – and in the long run

Actions to Consider

  • Now is the perfect time to join the longevity industry either as a founder, investor, or employee 

The business of longevity: buying time, buying life?

Over the last few decades, the funding of longevity studies has increased by at least 20 times. Scientists are digging deep into the realms of gene medicine, testing telomerase therapy, and creating molecules that could kill old cells without harming young and healthy ones.

At the same time, the world’s elderly population is growing—and so is its spending power. According to Credit Suisse and Euromonitor, older people are THE fastest-growing consumer group worldwide, and their collective spending power will reach USD 15 trillion around 2020.

Of course, seniors are most interested in the healthcare and lifespan-enhancing sector, making the business of longevity a massive opportunity for investment and work both right now and in the near future.

What is the current landscape of the industry like? What companies are already in the game and what we can expect to see in the future?

Money in aging research: at a glance

According to different sources, the total funding of scientific studies looking for solutions to aging is between $850 million and $300 billion as of 2018. That’s about 20 times more than it was back in 2000.

Dozens (if not hundreds) of companies are searching for a remedy to aging, each from a different direction.

Here are some of the most promising approaches and projects:

  • Telomerase reactivation. The body stores its genetic information in chromosomes packed in the nucleus of every cell. Every chromosome ends with a telomere. When cells divide, part of the telomere is lost. If the telomeres of a chromosome become too short after many divisions, the cell carrying these chromosomes won’t be able to divide anymore. As a result, the old cell dies through programmed cell death (apoptosis). Telomerase is an enzyme that can elongate telomeres and prevent cell aging. Companies like Sierra Sciences and Telocyte are working on a molecule that could lengthen telomeres and prevent cell aging.
  • Stem cell therapy. Stem cells are non-differentiated cells that can turn into any cell from any tissue in the body. Harnessing the power of these cells could mean taking all regenerative processes in the body under control and repairing any kind of damage, including age-related damage. Companies like Advanced Cell Technologies, Apceth Biopharma, Pluristem Therapeutics, and Brainstorm Cell are working on stem cell therapy programs
  • Elimination of old cells. An essential aspect of aging is the gradual buildup of old cells in the body. Unity Biotechnology and Oisin Biotechnologies are working on drugs that could kill old cells without harming the young and healthy ones, preventing aging on a cellular level
  • Gene therapy. Technologies like CRISPR could allow us to edit genetic information and epigenetic processes to prevent aging, age-related diseases, and even congenital conditions. Rejuvenate Bio is testing this approach in dogs with a high genetic risk of heart disease
  • Artificial Intelligence-based search for solutions. Companies like ASDERA, Acturx, and Human Longevity are gathering and processing massive amounts of data to find life-extending strategies using machine learning and artificial intelligence

Each of these companies operates with millions or billions of dollars to find an effective anti-aging solution. So how can you join the adventure?

Ways to join the longevity industry

Perhaps, the easiest way to become part of the longevity business is to join it as an employee. Specialists in the fields of physiology, biology, biochemistry, medicine, and everything related to the human body are likely to have the upper hand over the competition. Data analysts and developers would also be welcome.

If you have enough money and passion for the matter, you could become an investor and support the companies that you believe are on the right track in terms of finding an effective anti-aging solution. Or, if you have the resources, you could found your own company and start searching for a remedy to aging on your own terms.

I.e. there are many options, and they all depend on your current resources and ambitions.


There has never been a better time to join the longevity industry.

The industry is growing at a fantastic rate, with new and exciting studies appearing every year. Dozens of multi-million companies are already searching for an effective anti-aging solution, and new organizations are bound to appear in the upcoming future.

To summarize, the lifespan-extending business is expected to become one of the most profitable industries known to man, so make your move as soon as possible if you’re interested in this opportunity!

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