His cholesterol numbers are essentially meaningless, except his HDL, a surprisingly high 67, well above population average, which is closer to 35. The man is eating a lot of meat, I suspect.

But, his triglycerides are 129, which while not OMG high, are well higher than they should be. What this means is that there are a lot of carbs/sugars in his diet. And this also means the breakdown of LDL in his body is likely not a healthy one, meaning he has too much in the way of small particle LDL, which also means his inflammation level is too high. (Trump has chronic rosacea, which is a condition caused by systemic inflammation.) I don’t see that his doctors measured his C-reactive protein, the best measurement of inflammation (most doctors overlook CRP, so nothing surprising here).

The most surprising stat on his exam is his A1c score of 5.0, which is surprisingly low. Somehow, Trump has a very well working insulin system at his age despite all the carbs he’s eating.

His vitamin D level is what I consider rock-bottom low. He should immediately start taking supplements. This would be such an easy health improvement for him. (That Centrum pill he’s taking daily is nearly useless.)

I see that he’s taking a statin for heart health. A total waste of time and false security. Statins simply don’t work.

And not reported on this link, but elsewhere in the news, he has a coronary calcium score of 133, which would scare the poop out of me, as you really want to keep it below 10-20 to essentially eliminate your chance of a heart attack. And it’s relatively easy to bring that score down, and a statin won’t help in the least. I suspect a statin is all his doctor is doing for Trump, though. Which is about par for all American doctors.

Overall, Trump is NOT is great health, like his doctors have indicated. He’s in better health than I would have guessed, but not by a lot. I suspect he’ll have a heart attack within 4-5 years, given the current snapshot of his health. And when it happens, the blame will of course be placed on the stress of the job.

Source: DukeNukem on Longecity

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