F R A M E W O R K (the what)

  1. Manage and minimize stress
  2. Maintain stable, nonreactive moods
  3. Experience regular transcendence 
  4. Maintain an open curiosity and hunger for knowledge
  5. Challenge the mind and body to endure periodic discomfort 
  6. Reduce the effect of ego on thinking and actions

M Y R E C I P E (the how)

  1. Meditate for 20 minutes every morning, ideally in the sun
  2. Write and/or journal daily
  3. Read books across industries and topics
  4. Discover a creative outlet you most enjoy and practice it weekly
  5. Psychedelics, weekly/monthly microdoses and yearly guided high doses
  6. Minimize choices, put as many decisions on autopilot as possible e.g. clothing, food
  7. Appeal to minimalism with belongings. Buy things for the purpose they serve. 
  8. Keep your home, vehicle and work spaces clutter-free, clean, and organized
  9. Design the spaces you spend the most time in a way that inspires and uplifts you
  10. Learn something new every quarter, test your knowledge by explaining it to someone who knows nothing about it
  11. Travel often, experience new ways of living and thinking
  12. Seek out intellectually stimulating discussions, often with those who think differently
  13. Practice holotropic breathwork 
  14. Use the Spire to measure and improve your breathing 
  15. Cryotherapy and sauna practice weekly

R E S E A R C H (the why)

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